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Siobhan's weight increased to size 20 after giving birth. She lost 14kg and gained confidence.

"I became a mum in late 2020 and I assumed that I would lose all my pregnancy weight after giving birth. Surprisingly, my weight actually increased after I gave birth. It wasn’t until I reached a size 20 that I realised how much weight I had gained. I couldn’t even fit my pregnancy clothes!

It really took a toll on my confidence. I hid from family photos in the first year after my son’s birth, and avoided family beach outings for fear of being judged.

I had a history of fad diets, which I could never stick to. I had tried everything from cutting out all carbs, to intermittent fasting, and even a diet that promised a 10kg loss in 10 days. I only made it a few days into that one. All of this left me feeling hesitant to try tackling my fitness again, as I thought I’d never be able to stick to anything long-term.

Since training with Luke, I’ve lost 14kgs! The measurements around my arms and thighs have dropped dramatically and I feel much more confident in my skin now. I don’t shy away from the camera anymore, and I’m even starting to fit into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes!

I’ve had an excellent experience working with Luke. He has held me accountable, but I never feel judged. He introduced me to a weight-loss approach where I could continue to eat foods that I enjoyed while still seeing great results. I’m a little braggy about Luke when I recommend him to my friends, as I’m confident that they would have the same success with him as I have.

I am so excited to continue my weight loss and fitness journey. I’m looking forward to fitting the rest of my pre-pregnancy clothing, and I can’t wait to go for the first swim in the ocean with my son!"

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