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Meet Awhiii!

“My mum, sister and niece have all noticed my body changes!”

Before training with Luke and the Prolific Fitness team, I was lacking in my commitment to training and had bad habits with my eating.

I’m so glad I came onboard! Luke was very supportive, always asking how my day and week had been, and paying attention to my struggles. He inspired me to get on top of my fitness, and I’ve seen major progress.

I’ve been building muscle and noticed my stomach getting flatter. My exercise form has improved heaps and I’m pushing harder in the gym now. I’ve started to relearn eating without restricting myself from “bad” foods, and I’ve even started drinking more water!

I’d absolutely recommend Prolific Fitness to others because of how much they’ve helped me on my own journey. I’m excited to keep tackling my weight loss, build more muscle and become more fit.

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