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Parth struggled to walk upstairs. He now deadlifts 120 kg.

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

"Before I began training with Luke, I was really struggling with bad knees that made it difficult to walk up stairs and hills without pain. I couldn't control my weight, and had tried everything from intermittent fasting to keto and no-sugar diets. Nothing worked and it affected my confidence. Everyone is asking me what I've been doing. I've lost over 6kg and built a bunch of muscle. I can now do box jumps and heavy lifting without any knee pain. Luke really paid attention to my problems, and made things simple. He supported me with not only training and nutrition, but also with mental and personal blocks. I recommend Luke to many of my friends and family because I'm confident he can do for them what he did with me. I'm so excited about continuing my journey to achieve the physique and strength I had 20 years ago."

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