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Craig used to hide his weight under black tees. He lost 10 kg and has control of his eating habits.

"I used to try to hide my weight gain but it got to the point that even loose-fit and black was no match for my generous gut. I struggled to make progress with both eating and exercising habits.

Through training together and consistent coaching check-ins with Luke, I’ve been able to drop body fat and build my confidence in the gym. I’ve had a breakthrough with my discipline and been able to maintain a sustainable long-term approach to nutrition - a huge achievement for me. Even the office cafeteria is no longer the temptation it once was.

I happily recommend Luke. His knowledgeable, friendly and genuine approach has helped me put each aspect of fitness into perspective. The whole process is made so much easier when you train with someone you get along with.

In the past, fitness hasn't been the most enjoyable thing for me but, as I build on the habits and lifestyle I've developed so far, I feel positive and look forward to continuing my fitness journey."

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