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Meet Louie, the newest hire to the Prolific Fitness Team!

We've got good news and better news.

The good news is that our community is growing at a rather quick pace.

The better news is that we've brought Louie onboard to help with improving communications!

Meet Louie

Her name is actually Louie Anne Marie (or just Louie for short). She has a few names, but even more titles:

  • Fur mom of four adorable dogs

  • Coffee enthusiast

  • Yoga retreat part-taker

  • Customer Service Expert

  • Social Media Manager

  • Copywriter & Blog Editor

She has joined Prolific Fitness to help to improve Communications and Marketing, and is doing a killer job already! So, while you're working to become your best self, she will be working to ensure that Prolific Fitness, our service, brand and community is world-class. Pretty fancy stuff.

Some of the things she'll be working on:

  • Helping onboard new clients to the Prolific Fitness Community

  • Updating communication channels, such as social media and our private Facebook community

  • All kinds of marketing efforts to grow our community further and reach our goal of transforming thousands of lives

You'll hear more from her soon, but we couldn't be more happy to welcome her onto the team!

If you'd like to welcome her, or have any queries for her, you can contact her at


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